Natural Supplements To Enhance Health & Performance! 男女天然草药保健品,提升健康与精力!

We are excited to bring you herbal supplements that are delicious & effective to enhance your wellbeing & performance!

  • Acai Berry Maca Powder – For increased energy & sexual performance.
  • Maca Coffee – Increased energy & sexual power in a coffee powder form.
  • Kacip Fatimah Coffee – For ladies overall wellbeing.
  • Life Essence Fibre – For supplementation of gut nutrition & health, enables losing weight.


  • 巴西莓玛咖粉 – 提升精神和雄性活力。
  • 玛咖咖啡 – 粉状咖啡, 提升精神和雄性活力。
  • 卡琪花蒂玛咖啡 – 恢复女士体力和健康。
  • 美肠乐体内环保纤维营养素 – 用于保健肠道,可瘦身。



Effective products that work gently, made from eco-friendly sources that will enhance your experience at home.

We carry cleaning products such as:

  • Kainda Swift Surface Cleaner
  • Kainda Dynamic Dishwashing Liquid
  • Kainda Delicate Laundry Soak
  • Kainda Home Freshener

We also carry skin-care products such as:

  • Kainda Silky Hand Creme
  • Kainda Sensuous Body Wash
  • Kainda Velvety Body Lotion